Healthy End of Life Project (HELP) Ottawa

HELP Ottawa is a local, community-based, participatory research initiative, designed to develop a Canadian-focused Healthy End of Life Project (HELP) framework.

Modelled after the critical and comprehensive community development framework, Healthy End of Life Project (HELP), developed by Andrea Grindrod, RN, BEdSt, PhD Can, and Dr. Bruce Rumbold and the Public Health Palliative Care Unit at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. [1]

This 3.5-year project, designed to create a collaborative end of life culture, aims to strengthen family, community and organizational capacity while enhancing and strengthening links among health services, community programs, neighbourhoods and the broader community. HELP Ottawa is sponsored by Compassionate Ottawa, and is funded by the Mach-Gaensslen Foundation of Canada.

With this in mind, the virtual home of HELP Ottawa is located at the following web address.

HELP Ottawa