Photo of Hugh Shewell

Hugh Shewell

Professor Emeritus


1995 PhD, University of Toronto, “Origins of Contemporary Indian Social Welfare in the Canadian Liberal State: An Historical Case Study in Social Policy, 1873 – 1965”
MSW (Social Policy), University of British Columbia
BA (Sociology; minor in English), Carleton University



2004 ‘Enough to Keep Them Alive:’ Indian Welfare in Canada, 1873 – 1965. University of Toronto Press.

Articles in Journals


Social Work Faculty Engagement in Social Policy Practice: A Quantitative Study of the Canadian Experience.” With Karen Schwartz and Kim Ongaro. The British Journal of Social Work. 51. pp. 1257-1295. Available 28 February.

2018 “Troubles and Issues: The Personal is Political or, Wherefrom, Where to Social Work?”
Canadian Social Work. Vol. 20 (1), 15-33.
“Why Jurisdiction Matters: Social Policy, Social Services and First Nations.”
Canadian Journal of Native Studies. Vol. 36 (1): 179-202.
“Rassembler Nos Forces Ou Recourir Encore A L’Aide Sociale? La situation socio-économique des premières nations avant et après la Commision royale.”
Recherches amérindiennes au Québec. Vol. XXXVII, No. 1, 43-56.
“‘Bitterness Behind Every Smiling Face’: Community Development and Canada’s First Nations, 1954-1968.” The Canadian Historical Review.
Vol. 83, No.1 (March) 58-84. Originally delivered at the Frost Centre of Canadian Studies, Trent University, April, 2000.
“ ‘What Makes the Indian Tick?’ The Influence of Social Sciences on Canada’s Indian Policy, 1947-1964.” Social History / Histoire Sociale.
Vol. 34, no. 67 (May) 133-67. Originally delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Council on Social Work Education, San Francisco,
Ca., March, 1999.
1999 “Jules Sioui and Indian Political Radicalism in Canada, 1943 – 1944.”
Journal of Canadian Studies. 34. 3 (Autumn) 211-242.

Articles in Conference Proceedings

2018 “Social Work Faculty Engagement in Social Policy Practice: The Canadian Experience.” With Karen
Schwartz and Kim Ongaro. Paper presented at annual conference of the European Social Policy Analysis
2008 “Strangers in their own Land: First Nations and Canada as a Place of Peril.” Paper presented at “Canada as Refuge?” Conference at the Centre of Canadian Studies, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh. May.
“’What is Truth?’: Farrell Toombs and the National Seminar on Indian Research, 1960.” Paper presented at “First Nations, First Thoughts,” 30th Anniversary Conference of the Centre of Canadian Studies, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, May.

Chapters in Edited Books

2021 “Social Work and Structural Theory: Restoring a Vision for Social Work.” In Brenda LeFrançois, Sobia Shaikh and Teresa Macías, eds.
Social Work: Theory and Practice. Fernwood Press. Publication forthcoming.
“To Be an Englishman and a Jew: Basil Henriques and the Oxford and St. George’s Settlement House.” In John Gal, Stefan Koengeter and Sarah
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Activism: Rethinking the Legacy of J.S. Woodsworth.” Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia, September 2005.
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Lon­don: Routledge. 1-53.

Other Publications

1991 “Uses of Social Assistance for Employment Creation on Indian Reserves: An Appraisal.” In Alternatives to Social Assistance in Indian Communities, eds. Frank Cassidy and Shirley B. Seward. Halifax: Institute for Research on Public Policy. 17-81.