Photo of Katherine Occhiuto

Katherine Occhiuto


Degrees:PhD Candidate (Carleton), MSW (Carleton) BA, Political Science and Communications Studies (York University)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 1368
Office:613 Dunton Tower

Areas of Interest:

  • Critical clinical and community-based practice
  • Mental health
  • Poverty and the working poor
  • Simulation-based education and research
  • Social services provision
  • Social work education

Recent Publications (2020- present):

Asakura, K., Gheorghe, R. M., Tarshis, S., & Occhiuto, K. (2023). Translating critical social work into clinical practice: A pilot simulation-based study from Canada. Smith College Studies in Social Work.

Sewell, K., Occhiuto, K., Tarshis, S., Todd, S., & Kalmanovitch, A. (2023). Simulation in social work education: A qualitative study of standardized clients’ experiences. Journal of Social Work Education.

Gheorghe, R., Tarshis, S., & Occhiuto, K. (2023). Student research peer support group: Reflections on mutual aid in qualitative research. Social Work with Groups: A Journal of Community and Clinical Practice, 46(3), 220-234.

Sewell, K., Occhiuto, K., Tarshis, S., Kalmanovitch, A., & Todd, S. (2022). Adapting to online live streamed OSCEs: A teaching note. Journal of Social Work Education.

Occhiuto, K., Sewell, K., & Asakura, K. (2022). Pivoting to online live-streamed simulations: Students’ experiences in clinical social work education. Journal of Social Work Education.

Occhiuto, K. (2022). Data collection strategies for sharing lived experiences: Low-income mothers’ perceptions of text (SMS) and multimedia (mms) data collection. Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work, 37(1), 136-150.

Occhiuto, K., Todd, S., Wilson, T., Garrod, J.Z. (2021). Towards greater transparency regarding cross-sector partnerships for technology development. Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research, 12(2), 89-103.

Asakura, K., Occhiuto, K., Tarshis, S., & Dubrowski, A. (2021). Designing and conducting healthcare simulations: Contributions from social work. Cureus Journal of Medical Science, 13(7).

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