Photo of Lisa Middleton

Lisa Middleton

PhD Student

Degrees:MSW (Carleton), BHSc Midwifery (Ryerson), BSW minor Women Studies (Carleton),

About Me:

I have been a practicing social worker in the Ottawa community over the past 16 years and a practicing Registered Midwife since 2015.

Primarily working in the area of sexual and reproductive health, I have worked at numerous organizations at a community and national level. Working as a trauma therapist in sexual assault led me to become a midwife to help facilitate a safe-passage for people to give birth. I often work with people who carry post-traumatic stress symptoms from previous births. People’s apprehension towards the end of the prenatal period brings up issues of fear and grief. The goal of my research is to create interventions that can lessen these trauma responses for future births.

Research Interest:

My main area of academic interest is in perinatal mental health for both the birthing person and the family unit. More specifically, my interest is in promoting the healing of birth trauma for the birthing person. The focus of my PhD research is on postpartum post-traumatic stress from childbirth.