Important Information regarding Police Record Checks

One of the requirements of a Social Work degree is the completion of at least one practicum. (Advanced Year MSW thesis students are an exception). In Ontario, provincial laws require organizations to conduct police records checks for individuals who will be dealing with children and vulnerable adults. The Level 3 Vulnerable Sector Check is required, even if students have had a recent police records check completed for some other purpose.

Students can apply online or in-person in Ottawa or their primary place of residence, by attending any main police station. For more information on in-person and online applications, please visit the Ottawa Police website.

The information released by the police as part of the records check might include the existence of criminal convictions, outstanding charges, as well as any incident where there have been notable police contacts for at least the previous five years. If any such information is revealed on the police records check it may be difficult, if not impossible, for you to secure a practicum.

Please note that if you are not from Ottawa, your process will be different.