Happy New Year and welcome back to everyone! With the new term now underway, IMS would like to remind faculty and instructors about the electronic equipment lockout in general pool classrooms on weekends and evenings.  Starting at 7 p.m. on Fridays and continuing all weekend, teaching consoles will be locked and unavailable for use without prior arrangements. Similarly, Monday to Thursday, the same applies after 11 p.m. through until the next morning. To obtain access to the AV controls during this time, please contact Carleton University Event Support at ext. 1850 or at ims_conference_support@carleton.ca no later than 48 hours prior to your session or event and we will be happy to help.

We also ask classroom equipment users to be considerate to other faculty, instructors, staff and students by returning all devices to their respective charging bases so that any subsequent users will have a fully charged microphone or wireless mouse. It would also be appreciated if any moveable furniture is returned to its designated location, the blackboards are cleaned and the teaching console is kept free of waste and clutter.

If you require assistance with any classroom technology, please contact CTS at ext. 3815 or cts@carleton.ca.

IMS is grateful for your cooperation, and wishes you a successful term!