Pete Neathway is an I-CUREUS participant in the Engineering-Physics program, assisting Professor Ye’s “Novel Materials for, and Approaches to, the Design of Microphotonic Devices” project. On his project and I-CUREUS, he says:

Having the opportunity to build on one’s education in a practical setting truly solidifies both the understanding of the individual and the awareness that individual will have when seeking to begin their professional career. This has truly been my experience with the I-CUREUS program at Carleton. Receiving the I-CUREUS award allowed me to continue said research into the fall of 2017. Before this project, I really never considered graduate studies an option; I didn’t think a research centered approach to learning would be something of long-term interest, nor did I anticipate just how fulfilling such work could be. The I-CUREUS program truly helped to expose me to research and has greatly influenced the path I will be taking in the future.