Dede Huang

Public Affairs and Policy Management
Field of Research:
Migration and Innovation
Dr. Martin Geiger

Dede Huang Headshot

Reason For Participating

I chose to do I-CUREUS because it is a great way to build relationships with faculty at Carleton and to develop my research skills. Furthermore, the hours are flexible and is therefore, a convenient job to have as a student.


The problem this I-CUREUS research is addressing is the lack of scholarly understanding of how countries manage talent mobility for innovation and growth. Our goal is to understand how Singapore manages their talent mobility for innovation and growth.

As part of Dr. Geiger’s project on talent migration and innovation, I am conducting research to create a country profile on Singapore to examine how they manage talent mobility for innovation and growth. I have participated in a research workshop with the librarian and other RA’s to prepare for academic research. After I complete each section of the country profile, Dr. Geiger provides feedback as I continue to complete other sections.

Relation to Studies

As a student of Public Affairs and Policy Management specializing in International Relations, I have become familiar with the challenges states, international institutions, and economies are facing in an increasingly interconnected world. The challenges that spark my interest are those related to migration, which is closely related to this research project.

I am applying my research abilities learned from classes to an actual research project supervised by Dr. Geiger. I am also applying my knowledge in policy to this research project. Furthermore, my research has nicely complemented my current Migration Governance course, as I am able to apply what I have learned in this research project to what I am learning in class.

Value of Experience

The most valuable skill I’ve gained from this experience is the ability to conduct independent research and work collaboratively with a research professor. Participating in I-CUREUS has also given me hands on experience conducting research and producing work that may be published.

To Future Participants

I would definitely encourage other students to participate in this opportunity. The hours are not overwhelming and therefore work well with student schedules. It allows you to see if you want to pursue further research opportunities.

My advise would be to manage your time wisely, and to not be afraid to ask questions and reach out if you need help/clarification.