Jérémie LePage-Bourbonnais

Field of Research:
Experimental Particle Astrophysics
Dr. Kevin Graham

Reason For Participating

I worked with my supervisor over the summer and very much enjoyed doing so while learning things I couldn’t have otherwise. The I-CUREUS program allowed me to continue doing immensely interesting and fun work during the school year in a subject that is really on the front lines of physics.


The collaboration I am working with collects a large amount of information over long periods of time, and if there is an issue with the detector we use it is important for us to be able to know about it. My research is focused on updating the tool we use to process new data to add checks that look for various trends that could show these issues.

The goal of my research is to help update the processor used on new data and add in new checks to look for irregularities in the data as well as look for trends that may exist.

Relation to Studies

The group that I am working with is trying to help solve the mystery of dark matter which is a bit above what I am currently learning about in class. However, I am able to make connections between what I learn in class and what I am working with, which helps me better understand both.

Value of Experience

I have gained many valuable skills from this experience such as a familiarity with a new coding language, experience being a part of and presenting to a large collaboration, and the ability to manage and analyze large collections of data. It is difficult to pinpoint what is the most valuable skill as everything I learned was and still is very useful for me.

The I-CUREUS opportunity allowed me to take my theoretical knowledge from the classroom and apply it to the real world. It also introduced me to what research in physics is really like, which I wouldn’t have experienced until much later.

To Future Participants

Doing research while simultaneously attending classes is a challenging task. However, it is well worth the experience and is immensely rewarding. It gives numerous opportunities you would not have had by simply going to class and opens your eyes to a completely new aspect your field of study.

The I-CUREUS program is fantastic and will open so many doors. If you can be a part of the program take full advantage of it to learn as much as you can and make as many connections as possible.