Joe Samuel

Bachelor of Engineering, Software
Field of Research:
Biomedical Technologies
Professor James R. Green

Reason For Participating

With I-CUREUS, I’ve been able to work with renowned Professors, industry experts, and researchers in the field to develop a comprehensive yet streamlined and versatile framework to manage time-based annotation data.


The research group focuses on gathering real-time patient data using unobtrusive technologies such as a Pressure Sensitive Mats in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit environment.

I’m involved in the gathering of temporal annotation data to assist with the correlation of the various input data sources with patient events in real-time.

My research entails minimizing cognitive overhead in user interaction and user experience with annotation technologies through requirements engineering and development of user interaction and experience fidelity models.

Relation to Studies

It helped me apply best practices across application and infrastructure development and harness skills such as requirements engineering in a real-world application. It has also given me a great opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge in a real-world application and get a broader understanding of concepts and techniques.

Value of Experience

Being able to perform requirements engineering among various domain experts and stakeholders involved to streamline the goals to be achieved and real-world application of theoretical concepts and techniques.

To Future Participants

A unique gem of an opportunity to truly make a resonating impact among global communities and science at large.

I-CUREUS will help with understanding the objectives you intend to achieve through your work in this program to help you better align your workflow to achieve those objectives.