Course Design Fundamentals consists of five workshops appropriate for Carleton instructors wishing to cultivate essential course design strategies, regardless of years of experience, teaching modality, or class size. This program is designed to help you receive formal recognition while you revisit the foundational principles of course design and delivery that will translate into deeper, more effective teaching and learning experiences.

The program is designed to be a flexible series of five workshops that you can take in any order. There are four required workshops (“Learning Outcomes: Blueprints for Course Design,” “Designing Learning from Scratch,” “Assessment Fundamentals,” and “Learning Effectively with Multimedia”) and one elective (“Incorporating Activities into Smaller Lecture Classes” or “Incorporating Activities into Large Lecture Classes”). Most workshops, facilitated by the TLS team, are offered every term; this June 18-21, however, we’re offering participants the opportunity to complete the program in four days.

The CDF experience culminates with a guided reflection that centers on your takeaways and plans to make changes to your teaching practice.

Participants who complete this program will be able to:

  • Plan and design fundamental learning experiences
  • Explain and apply the process of aligning fundamental course elements
  • Distinguish between types of assessment on the basis of their purpose and place in learning
  • Apply principles of cognitive theory of multimedia learning when teaching with a variety of media
  • Describe effective strategies for fostering active learning

Find out more about the program here.