On December 1, 2021, Teaching and Learning Services and the Future Skills Innovation Network (FUSION) joined forces at the FUSION Skills Development Symposium to explore ways to advance inclusive experiential learning approaches, skills development, and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at Canadian universities.

This half-day virtual event, hosted on Zoom, included a keynote presentation, panel discussions, and a cross-collaborative community of practice session. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the FUSION skills development curriculum, engage in discussions about skills development and inclusive experiential learning models, and explore ways in which universities can be leaders in educating the next generation of citizen scholars and professionals. Watch the recording of the day’s events below.

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Scroll down to the schedule of events to find each session’s start/end time in the recordings:

  • Recording 1: Introduction to Cross-Collaborative and Inclusive Community of Practice (beginning of breakout rooms)
  • Recording 2: Cross-Collaborative and Inclusive Community of Practice (post-breakout rooms) to Closing Remarks

Recording #

Start/End Time

Recording 1

Start: 0m 0s

End: 54m 22s

Welcome and Introductions

  • Patrick Lyons, Director of Teaching and Learning, and Dr. David Hornsby, Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning), Carleton University

Keynote – Transforming University Experiences: From Skills Development to Scholarly Citizenship

  • Dr. James Arvanitakis, Executive Director, Australian American Fulbright and Professor, Western Sydney University
Recording 1

Start: 54m 23s

End: 1h 41m 50s

FUSION Network Panel – Fostering Collaborative Innovation and Inclusive Skills Development Across Canadian UniversitiesA panel discussion that includes FUSION stakeholders at different levels. The panelists will provide a cross-collaborative administrative perspective on goals, applications, challenges and the future of the FUSION program across the FUSION network.

Facilitator and Moderator:

  • Jaymie Koroluk, Assistant Director, Teaching Excellence and Innovation, Teaching and Learning Services, Carleton University


  • Pedro Barata, Executive Director, Future Skills Centre
  • Dr. Jared Robinson, National Director, FUSION Network
  • Dr. Nancy Turner, Director, Teaching and Learning Enhancement, University of Saskatchewan
Recording 1

Start: 1h 53m 58s

End: 2h 34m 48s

Carleton FUSION Panel – Skills Development at Carleton University: Advancing Students’ Engagement and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) A panel of Carleton instructors and students who have implemented the FUSION curriculum will showcase innovative ways to advance practices and SoTL in skills development and engage students with diverse backgrounds.


  • Dr. Lorraine Godden – Instructor, specialist in career development, and member of the FUSION research team, Carleton University
  • Michelle Dich – FUSION Scholarship and Innovation and former FUSION student


  • Dr. Kathleen Moss (Department of Sociology and Anthropology) and Jillian Fox (student) – Integrating the FUSION Curriculum Within Education Courses in Sociology
  • Dr. Lisa Menard (Department of Psychology) and Ryan Lyster (student) – Reflections on the Integration of the FUSION Curriculum into a First-Year Seminar Course
Recording 1 (to beginning of breakout rooms)

Start: 2h 34m 49s

End: 2h 27m 37s

Recording 2 (post-breakout room discussion)

Start: 0m 0s

End: 4m 36s

FUSION Cross-Collaborative and Inclusive Community of PracticeA cross-network community of practice where FUSION project leads, staff and students from member institutions will create space to share experiences with the implementation of FUSION and explore potentialities for the future. Discussion themes include:

  • Holistic and inclusive practices to advance innovative skills development in higher education
  • Independent learning to enhanced facilitation: FUSION and experiential learning in curricular and co-curricular offerings
  • Design labs: Experiential learning and skills development with students of equity seeking groups
  • Skills articulation and translation: The development of a model to support students in their transition from university to professional life
  • Using impact assessments as a tool to evaluate student’s learning in FUSION


  • Dr. Nina Doré, Educational Development Facilitator/Experiential Learning Specialist, Teaching and Learning Services, Carleton University
  • FUSION project leads/collaborators: Dr. Ranilce Guimaraes-Iosif, Dr. Andrea Gorra, Justyna Szluinska, and Souleyman Haggar (Carleton University), Dr. Keith Power (Memorial University), Megan Marcoux (Concordia University), Jessica O’Connell and Elita Laios (University of Calgary), Kimberly Matheson and Brock Egeto (University of Saskatchewan), Helena Fehr (Simon Fraser University)
Recording 2

Start: 4m 37s

End: 7m 02s

Closing Remarks

  • Dr. David Hornsby, Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning), Carleton University