We’ve put together monthly check-ins for instructors to reflect upon at specific points during the term. As the Carleton community continues to adjust to online teaching and learning, these check-ins can help you stay on track, stay organized, and be proactive in solving any issues that might arise this term.

This month’s check-in focuses on Brightspace, course wrap-up, final projects and reflection.

We’re also hosting a December Check-in Chat to discuss these topics on Thursday, Dec. 16 from 10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. Whether you have ideas to share, are searching for guidance, or simply want to know how others have approached teaching this year, we invite you to attend this session and register here.

December check in screenshot

Don’t forget to check out our Teaching Online and HyFlex page for more resources to help you make informed decisions about your course that will meet both your needs and the needs of your students.