There are a variety of resources and supports available to help you design and deliver your course for the winter term, whether you’re teaching synchronously or asynchronously, HyFlex, online or face-to-face. We’ve compiled a list of some of the key resources available, including experiential learning opportunities, Brightspace course setup resources, equipment loans and more, to help you ensure that you’re ready for the new term:

  • Key dates and syllabus information: Review the key dates and recommended syllabus language around course modality and expectations surrounding the ongoing pandemic.
  • Brightspace course set up guide: Complete the tasks in this guide to make sure your Brightspace course has all the foundational elements of a successful learning environment.
  • Classroom orientations: Request an orientation to help familiarize yourself with the classroom you will be teaching in and the various equipment.
  • HyFlex support: If you’ve chosen to teach in a HyFlex classroom, review the resources and supports available to help you get started with this new modality.
  • Equipment loans: Request a tablet computer, document camera, lapel mic stem or other equipment to help you and your teaching assistant develop and teach courses.
  • Media services: Record course lectures or introductions on campus in Classroom Studios, request a technician edit or chunk existing Classroom Studio recordings and more.
  • Students as Partners Program (SaPP): Provide a paid work experience to undergraduate students to renew elements of your course in a student-centred way.
  • FUSION skill development modules: Incorporate this online resource into your course to promote academic skills development, student engagement and career readiness.

If you’d like to book a one-on-one consultation to discuss any facet of your course, please complete our course consultation request form. We can provide a variety of pedagogical and educational technology support, from helping you develop a course communication plan to providing guidance on selecting and using educational technology tools. You can also visit our Teaching Online and HyFlex page for additional resources, or register for one of our upcoming workshops.