Teaching and Learning Services is pleased to announce the five outstanding teaching assistants (TAs) and three honourable mentions for the 2022-23 Outstanding TA Awards

The awards celebrate the support TAs give to the undergraduate and graduate programs in their disciplines, their roles in establishing a positive learning environment, and their work in implementing innovative teaching practices.

The awards committee was impressed with the strength and versatility of the nominations. After much deliberation, the following five TAs were selected as this year’s recipients of the award:

  • Alec Cotton, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering (SYSC 4906)
  • Stone Liu, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering (SYSC 4005)
  • Brianna Parent Long, Department of Political Science (PSCI 2500)
  • Alicia Mcvarnock, Department of Psychology (PSYC 3500)
  • Samantha Schwab, School of Linguistics and Language Studies (LING 3004)

The adjudication committee wanted to recognize and celebrate three additional TAs through honourable mentions. This year’s honourable mentions are:

  • Joseph Gondek, School of Mathematics and Statistics (MATH 2000; 2107)
  • Jackie Mahoney, Department of History: Digital Humanities (HIST 3106)
  • Farzam Sepanta, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENVE 1001)

All winners and honourable mentions will receive a certificate and all five winners will receive $250 to recognize their commitment to student learning.

Congratulations to all recipients, honourable mentions, and nominees for the 2022-23 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards, and thank you to the hundreds of students, peers and instructors who took the time to recognize the fine work of Carleton’s TAs!