Photo of Claudia Buttera

Claudia Buttera

Claudia Buttera, a lab co-ordinator with the Department of Biology, was one of three Carleton educators to receive a 2014 Capital Educators’ Award.

Instead of a large lecture hall, Claudia’s teaching takes place among microscopes, chemicals and plants – which she says she could not be happier about.

The recommendation letters submitted by her students highlight her excitement about the work she does and her innate ability to make students feel the same way. One student wrote that Claudia “creates a passion and excitement in students and can light a spark in an individual that can be harnessed for years to come.”

Claudia is also the recipient of Carleton’s 2016 Excellence in Learning Support Award for her distinctive and creative methods of fostering student engagement. She helps students make connections between biology in the lab and other areas of study in which they might be more invested. Through this method, students are encouraged to explore connections they may not have realized existed previously, shaping more creative, curious learners.