Photo of H. Masud Taj

H. Masud Taj

H. Masud Taj is a poet, architect and award-winning adjunct professor at the Azrieli School of Architecture at Carleton University. He divides his time between Canada and India, where he is a licensed architect.

In 2011, he won the Capital Educators’ Award, an award that recognizes excellent teaching in Ottawa.

H. Masud is also a talented and worldly lecturer, sharing his knowledge and passion for architecture. In 2014, he toured throughout Istanbul and India educating people about Sinan, one of Istanbul’s foremost architects. His projects include the Navy Memorial and the House of Last Days, which was commissioned by a dying client.

H. Masud has received several accolades for his profound work in architecture and has been featured at the International Festival of Authors. Furthermore, his book on architect Nari Gandhi, who is apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright, is archived in the special collection of the Carleton University Library.