Photo of Leighann  Neilson

Leighann Neilson

Leighann Neilson has been an assistant professor of marketing at Carleton University since 2006. A graduate of Queen’s University and Algonquin College, Leighann earned her mater’s degree in sociology and went onto pursue and complete her PhD in management.

She designs her courses to keep with her philosophy that learning, especially in undergraduate courses, does not have to hurt. Leighann’s students consistently say that her sense of humour is one of the things they enjoy most in her class.

That is not to say that Leighann’s pedagogical approach should be overlooked; Leighann integrates teaching and research, frequently bringing insights from her own research in not-for-profit marketing and in the Canadian wine industry to the classroom.

A proud alumna of Carleton’s Directed Interdisciplinary Studies program, Leighann’s dedicated work in the Sprott School of Business won her the Capital Educators’ Award in 2011.