Photo of Natalie Allan

Natalie Allan

Natalie Allen works as the assistant director of Residence Life Services at Carleton University, where she has shown her passion and dedication to promoting healthy living among students.

Her long career at Carleton has taken Natalie to several different roles throughout campus, including being a facilities and administrative co-ordinator, residence program and training co-ordinator, and a front desk supervisor. Though, it was in her current role that she won a 2017 Excellence in Learning Support Award, presented to support staff at Carleton who contribute to student learning, whether it be in labs, classrooms, or residence.

Throughout the years as assistant director, Natalie took a leadership role in introducing a residential curricular approach with the aim of promoting student learning in Carleton’s residence. She has implemented change, innovated, and demonstrated dedication to student support, learning and development. The Carleton alumna’s leadership and enthusiasm makes Residence Life Services the bright and dependable place it is today.