Photo of Troy Anderson

Troy Anderson

Troy Anderson, assistant professor of management and strategy at the Sprott School of Business, was awarded the 2015 Capital Educators’ Award for outstanding teaching achievement in the Ottawa region.

At Carleton University, Troy teaches two innovative courses at the undergraduate level: Developing Creative Thinking and Training and Development. Troy’s publications exhibit his passion for creativity and innovation in the workplace. They delve into topics such as employee creativity, individual perception on negotiation outcomes and the influence personality may have on negotiations.

His approach to teaching incorporates hands-on learning and develops skills in communication, critical thinking and creativity. His teaching style integrates interdisciplinarity, cross-disciplinarity, communication skills, critical thinking and creative expression into the coursework. Troy encourages a ‘how can I use this knowledge to make a difference’ mindset in his students, which helps them become not only successful in his class, but in other facets of their lives.