Photo of Winnie Ye

Winnie Ye

Winnie Ye has an extremely impressive academic history, rich in innovative research and pioneering methods.

With an electrical engineering bachelor’s degree from Carleton, a master’s in photonics and a PhD in electrical and computer engineering, Winnie garnered enough merit to join the National Research Council, researching silicon photonics and optoelectronics.

During her PhD program, Winnie conducted research in renowned schools, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.

Since joining Carleton University’s Department of Electronics in 2009, Winnie has had a stronghold as an assistant professor. It was in these first years that Winnie was awarded the New Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award, given to those who underscore Carleton’s commitment to teaching excellence and innovation. She is also the recipient of MRI’s Early Researcher Award in 2012 and the Carleton University Research Achievement Award in 2013.

In 2019, Winnie Ye was the chosen recipient of the Provost’s Fellowship in Teaching Award for her leadership and commitment to teaching and learning. She has also been designated as a Carleton University teaching fellow.