Senate met on May 31. Here are the highlights:

4,897 Students to Graduate

Senate approved the graduation 3,214 undergraduate students and 617 graduate students. Combined with the 1,066 approved in the winter, nearly 5,000 students will be graduating this June. We look forward to congratulating all these students when their degrees are awarded at Convocation.

Senate Participates in CUISIC Consultation

As part of the Carleton University Indigenous Strategic Initiatives Committee (CUISIC) consultation process, Senate took part in a 45 minute consultation session. Senate assembled in a circle to facilitate discussions in the Indigenous tradition.  The CUISIC co-chairs facilitated a collaborative discussion and gathered feedback on broad themes, which included community engagement, ways of teaching and learning, Carleton’s culture and systems, and the student experience.

Welcome to New Student Members

Senate welcomed seven new students who attended their first meeting and who will be serving on Senate throughout the 2019/2020 academic year:

Executive Student Members:

  • Lily Akagbosu, CUSA President
  • Ashley Courchene, GSA President
  • Hemant Gupta, GSA VP Academic
  • Sarah Shires, CASG President

Graduate Student Members:

  • Sidney Moran
  • Sriyanchita Srinivasan
  • Carmen Warner

Membership Ratifications for 2019/20

That Senate approved the following new Senate appointments for the 2019/20 academic year:

Faculty Members (16 vacancies; 12 filled):

  • Howard Nemiroff – Sprott (acclaimed)
  • Dag Gillberg – Science (acclaimed)
  • Paul Wilson – FPA (acclaimed)
  • Elinor Sloan – FPA (acclaimed)
  • Andrea Chandler – FPA (acclaimed)
  • Winnie Ye – FED (acclaimed)
  • Samuel Ajila – FED (acclaimed)
  • Siva Sivathayalan – FED (acclaimed)
  • Johan Voordouw – FED Architecture (acclaimed)
  • Johannes Wolfart – FASS (elected)
  • Anne Bowker – FASS (elected)
  • Tina Daniels – FASS (elected)

Student Members (4 vacancies; 1 filled):

  • Olivia Hobbs (FASS)

Chair’s Remarks

President Bacon began the meeting by expressing his deep condolences to all those who knew and loved Laura Thomas, Senior Administrator in the Department of Biology, who sadly passed away on May 26. President Bacon congratulated colleagues on promotions and meritorious appointments and provided updates on activities across campus including Enable Canada 2019, Ottawa L5 Launch, Life Sciences Day 3.0, the inaugural Herb Grey Lecture, and his participation in Carleton’s Leonardo 2019 Cinquecento series. He then spoke to the meaning and power of Convocation and thanked Senators who have signed up to participate in the academic processions in the upcoming ceremonies June 10-14.

New Graduate Diplomas in Work and Labour

Senate approved the creation of the new Master’s level graduate diplomas in Work and Labour in the Institute of Political Economy. The Type 3 diploma will be open to students who have completed a four-year BA Hons degree or equivalent in a social sciences or humanities discipline that is relevant to work and labour. The Type 2 diploma will be open to students enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program at Carleton. The diplomas will be available for enrollment in Fall 2020.

Senate Committee Structure Changes

In continuing its internal committee review, Senate approved four changes to its committee structure:

  1. The dissolution of the Senate Academic Program Committee, effective August 31, 2019.
  2. Creation of the Senate Quality Assurance and Planning Committee, effective September 1, 2019.
  3. Creation of the Quality Assurance Appeals Committee, effective September 1, 2019.
  4. Recommendation that the Provost amend the Institutional Quality Assurance Process to reflect the above changes.

Carnegie Classification Pilot Project Presentation

Lorraine Dyke and Karen Schwartz provided an overview of the Carnegie Classification Pilot Project in which Carleton was selected to participate along with 15 other Canadian Institutions. This elective certification recognizes a university’s deep and pervasive commitment to its community. The presentation provided Senate with an overview of the classification framework and the reasons why campuses seek the classification. If successful, Carleton will be known as a Founding Member of the Canadian Carnegie Classification.

Senator Spotlight: Jeff Smith

Senate is composed of 86 members representing the Carleton community, like Jeff Smith, an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry. For several years, Jeff has been Carleton’s Academic Colleague, a special appointment to Senate that sits on the Council of Ontario Universities. Learn more about Jeff.

Next Meeting: June 21, 2019

The next Senate meeting is June 21, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. and will be the last meeting for the 2018/19 academic year. Click here to view the full schedule and access meeting materials. Meeting minutes are posted once they are approved at the subsequent meeting.