1. Senate Membership 2020-2021
    1.  Ex Officio Members
    2. Board of Governors Representatives
    3. Special Appointments to Senate
    4. Elected Faculty Senators
    5. Elected Student Senators*

Senate Membership 2020-2021

Senate comprises of over 80 members who represent the university including, faculty members, contract instructors, students, Board of Governors, special appointments and ex officio members.

 Ex Officio Members

Board of Governors Representatives

Special Appointments to Senate

  • Margaret Haines, Alumni Association, term ends June 30, 2022
  • Kim Hellemans, Academic Colleague, term ends June 30, 2022

Elected Faculty Senators

Terms end June 30, 2021

  • Dana Dragunoiu, Arts & Social Sciences
  • Ernest Kwan, Sprott School of Business (Secretary of the Faculty Board)
  • Ruth McKay, Sprott School of Business
  • Justin Paulson, Arts & Social Sciences
  • Brett Popplewell, Public Affairs
  • Chantal Trudel, School of Industrial Design
  • Crina Viju, Public Affairs (Secretary of the Faculty Board)

Terms end June 30, 2022

  • Samuel Ajila, Engineering & Design
  • Olga Baysal, Science (Computer Science)
  • Anne Bowker, Arts & Social Sciences
  • Andrea Chandler, Public Affairs
  • Tina Daniels, Arts & Social Sciences
  • Dag Gillberg, Science
  • Farah Hosseinian, Science
  • Howard Nemiroff, Sprott School of Business
  • Julia Sinclair-Palm, Arts & Social Science
  • Siva Sivathayalan, Engineering and Design
  • Elinor Sloan, Public Affairs (Senate Representative on Board of Governors)
  • Johan Voordouw, Engineering & Design / Architecture
  • Paul Wilson, Public Affairs
  • Johannes Wolfart, Arts & Social Sciences
  • Pamela Wolff, Science
  • Barry Wright, Public Affairs
  • Winnie Ye, Engineering and Design

Terms end June 30, 2023

  • Manuel Baez, Engineering & Design / Architecture
  • Jeff Dawson, Science
  • Sonya Gulati, Science
  • Jacob Kovalio, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Christine Laurendeau, Science
  • Katie Lucas, Science
  • Alexis Luko, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Marlene Lundy, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Beth MacLeod, Arts and Social Sciences (Secretary of the Faculty Board)
  • James Milner, Public Affairs
  • Donald Russell, Engineering and Design
  • Shazia Shadaf, Arts and Social Sciences
  • David Sprague, Engineering and Design
  • Karen Taylor, Engineering and Design
  • Morgan Rooney, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Julia Wallace, Science (Secretary of the Faculty Board)

Terms end June 30, 2024

  • Paulo Garcia, Engineering and Design (Secretary of the Faculty Board)

Elected Student Senators*

Graduate Students – Terms end June 30, 2021

  • Donatus Edi
  • Nathaniel Bruni
  • Rufes Stephen John Sundarraj

Undergraduate Students – Terms end June 30, 2021

  • Sean Maguire, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Julia Bruno, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Olivia Hobbs, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Kareem AlWazir, Public Affairs
  • Afreen Ahmad, Public Affairs
  • Millie Close, Science
  • Jonathan Moore, Sprott
  • Cameron Davis, Engineering and Design
  • Lisa Tsintsadze, Public Affairs

* for details on the specific departments within the Faculties eligible to vote for these positions, please refer to the By-Law.