Are you working with a Teaching Assistant (TA) this fall?  To assist you in supporting your TAs this fall, TLS has provided several key resources:

  • TA training: All TA pedagogical training workshops, including Brightspace sessions, have launched and will continue to be offered online for the fall term. TAs can register for workshops through the Carleton Central—TA Management System.
  • TA Central Hub: The new TA Central Hub in Brightspace is a space for TAs to watch pre-recorded training videos, access resource materials and share resources related to teaching. If you have a new TA who would like to enroll in the hub, please contact Sam Shortt. Individuals who were previously enrolled in the cuLearn TA Central Hub have been automatically enrolled in the Brightspace version.
  • Brightspace TA Support: A Brightspace support site designed specifically to assist your TAs. On it you can find documentation on how to navigate and use Carleton’s new learning management system.

For more information and TA resources, please visit the TLS TA Support page.