The University in collaboration with CUASA as part of the Joint Subcommittee on Teaching Evaluations (JSTE) is implementing the Annual Report on Teaching Effectiveness (ARTE) for faculty members and instructors. The ARTE is an optional tool designed to act as a supplement to the Student Experience Questionnaire (“SEQ”) that can be used for career advancement.  The SEQ is an opportunity for students to provide feedback on their experience in the course, whereas the ARTE is an opportunity for faculty members and instructors to provide their own narrative with respect to their teaching approaches in an academic year. You can choose to include the ARTE in your teaching portfolio for CDI purposes and/or for tenure and promotion.

 The JSTE will hold three information sessions for faculty and instructors on the following dates:

If you wish to attend a session, please sign up by clicking on the date/time that is convenient for you.

The ARTE is currently available and can be submitted to your Chair/Director no later than May 15, 2023 for CDI purposes or for tenure and promotion.

For more information, please contact your Chair/Director, the Office of the Dean, Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) or the Carleton University Academic Staff Association (CUASA).