Linked below are the official course outlines for GINS courses.

GINS 1000B Global History S. Steinberg
GINS 1010B International Law and Politics S. Burges
GINS 1020B Ethnography, Globalization and Culture N. Jangouk
GINS 1020C Ethnography, Globalization and Culture S. Fahy
GINS 1100B Global Development P. Heidrich
GINS 2000B Ethics and Globalization I. Abu-Hajiar
GINS 2010B Globalization and International Economic Issues M. Masaeli
GINS 2010C Globalization and International Economic Issues S. Burges
GINS 2020B Global Literatures J. Coleman
GINS 3900/3901 International Placement M. Steckley
GINS 3010B Global and International Theory C. Sobers
GINS 3020B Places, Boundaries, Movements and Global Environmental Change R. Behringer
GINS 3930/3931 CU International Placement S. Burges
GINS 4090D Internet in Global Contexts X. Han
GINS 4090E Human Rights and Video in a Global World S. Fahy
GINS 4090F Gender Based Violence Risks in Global Business D. Laplonge