We are extending a special acknowledgement to a group of BGInS student interns who contributed research to the recently released Public Report on African State Withdrawals authored by BGInS faculty member Kamari Clarke and Ermias Kassaye. Given the current context of three notifications of African state withdrawals and the upcoming UN Assembly of State Parties in the Hague, this report will be circulated and utilized by various African states, legal advisors, strategists, and NGOs.

Congratulations to the researchers, contributors and our BGInS interns Michelle Musindo, Monica Lung, Patricia Wallinger, Irene Wang, Sean Havel, Afreen Delvi, Kayla Bose, Leonardo Rivalenti and Shermineh Salehiesmati — on this accomplishment and the important work they have engaged in to produce this report. Clicking on the image below will open a copy of the report.