Noah Schwartz, a PhD student in Political Science, has been selected as one of five winners of the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for 2016-2017 at Carleton University.

Upon his arrival at Carleton this past fall, Noah Schwartz has served as a TA for two Global and International Studies courses – International Law and Politics (GINS 1010) and Globalization, Ethnography and Culture (GINS1020) and has earned the praise and respect of hundreds of the students in the program.  BGInS students were so enthusiastic about his candidacy and ensuring his recognition through the award that if the university did not select him, they vowed to give him their own award.  But this was not necessary as his file rose to the top of the stack of Carleton’s over 140 TA nominees.

Some comments on Noah’s teaching include: “Noah always worked hard to present complex classroom concepts and information in a fun and engaging way,”  “He always went beyond simple classroom discussion and instead used innovative group exercises, think-pair-share exercises, debates as ways to engage us,”  “He voluntarily offered extra exam review sessions for the students (with homemade cookies)” and “He always tried hard to make the learning environment comfortable and engaging.”

Congratulations, Noah! We are very pleased and fortunate to have you working with our students in BGInS.