H.I.H. Saravanamuttoo Scholarship in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Awarded annually, when merited, on the recommendation of the Chair of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering to students in fourth year of the undergraduate program. Selection will be made on the basis of high academic standing, with consideration given to demonstrated leadership in student societies. This scholarship was endowed in 1998 by family, friends, colleagues and former students of Prof. Herb Saravanamuttoo in honour of his retirement after 28 years with the Department.

Winners to date have been (alphabetically by year) :

1998 S. Raymond, A. VanBarneveld
1999 J. Carter, S. Rauhala, L. Sie
2000 S. Burchell, H. Scott
2001 B. Desrochers, J. Young
2002 N. Klostranec, J. Overton, A. Rader
2003 S. Correia, J. Locke
2004 R. Densham, K. Siemens
2005 A. AlAzzawi, C. Merrett
2006 J. Campbell, C. Clark, A. Ghosh
2007 M. Elnabelsya, A. Zakurdaev
2008 C. Perreira, T. Yuen
2009 D. Alloggia, H. Valtchanov
2010 L. Romualdez
2011 E. Sorensen
2012 A. Deeb
2013 S. Fiset
2014 A. Tariq
2015 J. Shaw
2016 S. Graham, A. Naftel
2017 F. Hadj-Moussa
2018 J. Hammond
2019 L. Curcio
2020 A. Lavallee
2021 R. Robinson
2022 P. Stewart
2023 O. Ah-Kion