Yves and Cynthia Bled Future Achievers Scholarships for Women in Engineering

Awarded annually on the recommendation of the Chairs of the following departments; Department of Electronics, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, to an outstanding student proceeding from one third to fourth-year.  One student will be selected from each of the following programs; Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Computer Systems Engineering. Preference will be given to female students.  Endowed in 2017 by Yves and Cynthia Bled to celebrate and reward future female engineers.

No applications accepted.

Winners to date have been:

2017 S. Flavell and A. Hynes
2018 A. Bernard and R. Kemp
2019 C. Lenarcic and S. Nosir
2020 A. Plourde and P. Stufko
2021 M. Wilkinson and N. Scratchley
2022 L. Julin and H. Chang