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Anna Przednowek

PhD Student
Office:629 Dunton Tower

MSW (Wilfrid Laurier University) Focus: Individuals, Families and Groups
M.ADS (Brock University) Focus: Applied Behaviour Analysis
BSW (University of Manitoba), BA Sociology & Psychology (Wilfrid Laurier University)

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I began my doctoral studies at Carleton University’s School of Social Work in the fall of 2013. Prior to pursuing my PhD, I worked for over 14 years in South-Western Ontario including the Six Nations Reserve, with children and youth labelled with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and adults and seniors with a label of a dual diagnosis of Developmental Disability and mental health concerns. In 2008, I began my clinical work in a community-based setting, providing supportive counselling and behavioural interventions to individuals with complex behavioural needs and their paid and unpaid caregivers. My passion for this work, and the complex problems faced by these individuals and their families, led me to complete a Master of Applied Disability Studies degree (2010) and a Master of Social Work degree (2012). During my years of practice, I have conducted many training workshops and consultations on positive interventions to familial caregivers, foster parents, volunteers and professionals in daycare settings, primary and secondary schools, community residential settings, hospitals, treatment facilities and nursing homes.

Why I chose Carleton:
In my practice, I was exposed daily to the impact of the current social, political and economic climate on the interdependent relationship between individuals labelled with an Intellectual and Developmental Disability and their caregivers. I also began to critically reflect on the sole use of direct intervention aimed at the individual and their immediate social environment to address structurally rooted issues. The Structural Social Work perspective at Carleton University assists me in the understanding of the current context surrounding the care relationship.
As part of my PhD experience and training at Carleton University, I have had the opportunity to teach SOWK 3201 “Social Work Practice with Individuals, Families and Groups” in the fall term of 2014 and 2015, and take on a role of a Teaching Assistant and a guest lecturer in many other classes.

My research weds my clinical practice experience and my concern for the conditions that affect the lives of people labelled with Intellectual Disabilities and those of their caregivers. I am planning a mix-method study that will provide insight into caregiver experiences of violence within the context of care relationships with their adult children. I hope to contribute to clinical practice, theory, and policy.

Thesis Supervisor:  Susan Braedley MSW, PhD

Research Interests:
Quality of Life of unpaid Caregivers, and Individuals labelled with Intellectual Disabilities (ID), Indigenous Caregivers and Individuals labelled with ID, Care and caregivers labelled with ID , Social Work Practice with Individuals labelled with ID, Accessibility, Social Policy, Violence and paid and unpaid care, and mothers labelled as “deviant”, who care about their children but no longer provide direct care.