Photo of Brianna Strumm

Brianna Strumm

PhD Student

About Me

SU Teaching Excellence Award 2018 (University of Calgary)
SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship Recipient 2017-2018
CUSA Teaching Excellence Award 2016 (Carleton University)
Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Recipient 2015-2017

I began my PhD in the School of Social Work in 2013 and became an Assistant Professor at the University of the Fraser Valley in August of 2019. I am keen to expand the conversation and relationship between social work practice and international development work. I came to Carleton University after working for 10 years in a variety of clinical, community-based and administrative social work roles and community-based research projects. I have lived overseas in India, South Africa, Jamaica and England and have taught social work and international community development since 2011. Most recently, I have led two undergraduate service-learning trips to Guatemala and India.

Why I Chose Carleton

I chose the PhD program at Carleton for two main reasons. The first was the location – Ottawa is a hub for international NGOs and federal international development work and this is very important for my proposed research. The second was the school itself – Carleton has a rich social work history and is known for an approach that is structural and critical in its focus.

My Research

My proposed doctorate research study will look at how reflective practices are being deployed by women social workers who work in international development and if this process impacts: 1) how they do their work and 2) how they view themselves and their role within development.

Research Interests

My research interests include women and social policy, student service-learning, mindfulness and social work and social work education, particularly field, international and doctoral social work education.

Committee Members

Dr. Sarah Todd (Thesis Supervisor, Social Work)
Dr. Karen Schwartz (Social Work)
Dr. Pauline Rankin (Political Science)