The Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) Course Transformation Fund provides funding and support for instructors and academic units interested in reimagining or redesigning courses in which instructors, academic units, or students may face significant challenges. Funding is currently available for courses that will be offered in fall 2022, winter 2023, summer 2023 and fall 2023. 


All faculty members, instructors, and unit chairs and directors. Contract instructors may apply if they have support from their departmental head. 


The value of the fund is $8,000.  

Successful participants may choose to receive funds as direct financial compensation, which will be taxed as salary income; or as a grant deposited to an appropriate internal account (administered by the participant).

Successful contract instructors are eligible only for direct financial compensation. 

In addition to monetary support, successful applicants will receive TLS expert support and will also be prioritized for TLS development support, including the Students as Partners Program, educational development, educational technology, and media production.  

Possible Use of Funds

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Redesigning bottle-neck courses, whose material may be challenging for students to learn and/or whose DFW rates may be a concern 
  • Changing a course’s delivery method (moving a course online, adopting a ‘flipped’ modality, switching from a CUTV/CUOL model to another modality, etc.) 
  • Building a master course that can be used as a model for courses with multiple sections 
  • Re-imagining a course (or courses) central to a program or discipline to better support the vision of the academic unit or to address other challenges they face. 

Evaluation Criteria

Applications to the program are accepted on an ongoing basis. Applications will be reviewed by TLS using the following criteria: 

  • Eligibility to participate 
  • The potential impact of the initiative 

Application Process

The Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) Course Transformation Fund is currently closed due to high demand. We anticipate that the fund will open again later this year. For any questions, please contact