All theses are available at Carleton University Research Virtual Environment, CURVE.

M.A. Theses

Kaitlyn Benson, “Making Motoring American: The Integration of the Working Class in Automobile Film Advertising of the 1930s” (2015).
Supervisors: James Opp and Andrew Johnston.

Kathryn Boschmann, “Being Irish on the Prairies: Repertoire, performance, and environment in oral history narratives of Winnipeg Irish Canadians” (2015).
Supervisors: Joanna Dean and Bruce Elliott.

Dahay Daniel, “The Comforts of Coffee: The Role of the Coffee Ceremony in Ethiopians’ Efforts to Cope with Social Upheaval during the Derg Regime (1974-1991)” (2016).
Supervisor: Susanne Klausen.

Connie Gunn, “The Women’s Canadian Historical Society of Ottawa: Constructing Public Memory and Preserving History in a Changing City, 1898-1932” (2016).
Supervisors: John Walsh and Joanna Dean.

Natalie Belinda Hunter, “Making Connections, Imagining New Worlds: Women, Writing, and Resistance in Paris, 1897-1910” (2016).
Supervisor: Susan Whitney.

Evan Brent Jones, “Order and Emotion: The Rhetoric of Disgust in Peter the Venerable’s Adversus Iudaeos” (2016).
Supervisor: Marc Saurette.

Ronald John Martini, “The Reconfiguration of Eighteenth-Century Scottish Historiography: Dialogues Between the Present and the Past” (2016).
Supervisor: Mark Phillips.

Paige McDonald, “If Japan Should Attack: Perceptions of Fear and Threat in British Columbia’s Newspapers, 1941-1943” (2016).
Supervisor: Norman Hillmer.

Renee Elaine McFarlane, “Conflict and Conservation: A Human History of Animals in Gatineau Park, 1938-1958” (2016).
Supervisor: Joanna Dean.

Matthew Joseph Moore, ““The Kiss of Death Bestowed with Gratitude”: The Postwar Treatment of Canada’s Second World War Merchant Navy, Redress, and the Negotiation of Veteran Identity” (2016).
Supervisors: John Walsh and Tim Cook.

Alisha Seguin, “Remembering the Civil Service: Work and Life Stories of Indigenous Labourers in the Canadian Federal Civil Service” (2015).
Supervisor: John Walsh.

Evan Sidebottom, “The Man Who Could Go Either Way: The Many Faces of Cowboy Masculinity in 1950s American Film and Advertising” (2016).
Supervisor: Andrew Johnston.

Andrew Sopko, “An (Im)Balance of Expectations: Civil Defence in Ottawa, 1951-1962” (2015).
Supervisor: Norman Hillmer.

Ann Walton, “Studying the Art of Growing Old with Metchnikoff, Hauser, Lowman, and Thompson: Advice about Aging, 1900-1960” (2016).
Supervisor: B. McKillop.

Alex Philip Wilkinson Cruddas, “The Future in Stone: Architecture as Expression of National Socialist Temporality” (2016).
Supervisor: Jennifer Evans.

Ph.D. Dissertations:

Naomi Alisa Calnitsky, “Harvest Histories: A Social History of Mexican Farm Workers in Canada since 1974” (2017).

Sean Eedy, “Comic Books and Culture in the German Democratic Republic, 1955-1990: Between Constructions of Power and Childhood.” (2016)
Supervisor: Jennifer Evans.

Jane Elizabeth Cooper Freeland, “Behind Closed Doors: Domestic Violence, Citizenship and State-Making in Divided Berlin, 1969-1990” (2016).
Supervisor: Jennifer Evans.

Sarah Hogenbirk, “Women Inside the Canadian Military,1938-1966” (2017).
Supervisors: Joanna Dean and Norman Hillmer.

Emmanuel Hogg, “Kicking Through the Wall:Football, Division, and Entanglement in Postwar Berlin” (2017).
Supervisor: Jennifer Evans.

Joel Eugene Kropf, “Pursuing Human Techniques of Progressive Justice: The Ethical Assumptions of Early-to-Mid-Twentieth Century English-Canadian Penal Reformers” (2015).
Supervisor: B. McKillop.

Nicole Teresa Marion, “Canada’s Disarmers: The Complicated Struggle Against Nuclear Weapons, 1959-1963” (2017).
Supervisors: Norman Hillmer and Susan Whitney.

Mike McLaughlin, “Irish Catholic Voluntary Associations in the Canadian Liberal Order, 1840-1882” (2016).
Supervisor: Bruce Elliott.

Sara Spike, “Modern Eyes: A Cultural History of Vision in Rural Nova Scotia, 1880-1910” (2016).
Supervisor: James Opp.

Christine Whitehouse, “‘You’ll Get Used to It!’: The Internment of Jewish Refugees in Canada, 1940–43” (2016).
Supervisors: Jennifer Evans and Rhonda Hinther.