• Technical staff are on site between the hours of 8am – 4pm (may vary by staff member).
  • No work is to take place in the labs after hours.
  • No food is allowed in the labs.
  • No alcohol or drugs are allowed in the labs (zero tolerance! Offending students or researchers will be promptly removed from the lab and access revoked).
  • Students and researchers must complete their EHS training modules before working in the labs.
  • Volunteers (undergraduate/graduate) cannot work in the labs without supervision after hours.
  • Respect the workspace and common lab tools/equipment.
  • Don’t touch equipment/parts that are not a part of your project.
  • Report any broken tools to the technical staff.
  • Keep work areas tidy and clean up when finished your work.

Safety/ Emergency

  • In the event of an emergency, pick up the lab phone and dial 4444 to get in touch with campus security (emergency line). Do not call 911 directly on the lab phone or a personal phone. It is quicker to dial 4444.
  • Students and researchers must familiarize themselves with the location of first aid kits, eyewash stations, sinks, PPE, fire exits, fire extinguishers, and telephones. Contact a technical staff member if there are any questions or issues.
  • All appropriate PPE must be worn while working in the labs, typical PPE is stored in prominent locations in every lab. Technical staff will supply any required PPE that cannot be located.
  • Report the use of first aid items or damaged PPE to a technical staff member.
  • Any occurrence of injury must be promptly reported to your supervisor and/or technical staff.


  • Secure or remove loose-fitting clothing, hair, or jewelry when working with tools and machinery.
  • Open toed shoes (flip-flops, sandals, etc.) are not permitted in labs. Steel toe shoes are preferred and required when moving heavy objects.


  • Current COVID-19 protocols as set out by the university must be followed at all times while working in labs (wear masks at all times, wash hands often, sign in to the room via the QR code, social distance as much as possible, respect lab capacities).
  • Masks, gloves, and any other PPE can be provided by the technical staff.


Technical Staff Information

Technical staff members work in the MAE labs throughout the weekdays and can be identified wearing black button up shirts with embroidered name and department.  They can usually be located around their offices or respective labs as shown below.

Name Office Extension Laboratory Oversight
Aric Adcock ME 2328 3656 General safety for all FED labs

EDC machine shop

Chris Bassindale ME 2328 2129 ME 2230

ME 2360

David Raude ME 2328 8479 ME 2481

CB 7103

CB 3103

CB 7104

ME 2268

VSIM 3226

James Cann ME 2232 5087 ME 2180

ME 2350

ME 2363

Rob Fatoric EDC 2515A 1340 EDC machine shop
Alex Proctor ME 2157 5665 ME 2159 – MAE Machine Shop

ME 2189

Stephan Biljan ME 2232 6716 ME 2332

ME 3224

MC 4068

ME 2140


Steve Truttmann EDC 2522 1145 General overview and safety for all MAE Labs