The instructor may create assignments that require online or offline submissions. For online assignments, students can submit any digital content (files), such as word-processed documents, spreadsheets, images, or audio and video clips. Alternatively, or in addition, the assignment may require students to type text directly into the text editor. An offline assignment requires students to hand in hard copies of the solution. The instructor can specify if solutions are to be submitted individually or as a group. Assignments can be graded in cuLearn with the grades automatically showing up in the grade book.Add an assignment

Creating an assignment

  1. Turn Editing On from the top right corner of your course page.
  2. Go to your desired section.
  3. From the Add an Activity drop down menu, select Assignment.
  4. Customize the assignment through the settings page.
  5. Click Save and return to course (or your changes will be lost).
  6. A grade item/column for the assignment will be automatically added to the course grade book.

Note: Best practice is to grade an online assignment using the assignment grading tool, not through the grade book.

Add an assignment

Grading an assignment

  1. Click on the assignment you want to grade.
  2. View submitted assignments from the top right.

  1. Click Download all assignments as zip to save a folder containing all submissions labelled by student name; or click on a file name to view each submission individually.
  1. To grade, click on the edit icon under the Grade column.

5.  This opens the assignment quick grading tool, where you can :

1 - Download the submitted file.
2 - Enter a numerical grade for the student.
3 - Save and view the next student submission.