Instructors can request that two or more Brightspace courses be merged into one course in Brightspace–this is called a merged course. Merged courses are created by the TLS Ed Tech team. Merging a course creates a new course instance where the classlists, grades, and content from each course are all together in one shared space.

Merging a course is advantageous for some instructors with large classes, or with multiple sections of the same course, because merging allows content to be posted once for a large group of students, rather than having to post the same content multiple times in separate courses.

If you’d like to merge your courses, please complete the Jira Portal form below and the Ed Tech team will be notified of your request.

Course Merge Request form

NOTE: Once courses are merged, they are difficult to unmerge. Please be sure you want your courses merged before submitting your request.

WARNING:  Course merge requests must be submitted prior to the start of any activity in the course. Merging courses after course activities have started will result in deletion of student activity data.

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