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Big Blue Button Deprecation

As of May 2023, Big Blue Button (BBB) is no longer available in Brightspace at Carleton. The BBB integration has been removed from Brightspace and users can no longer host new BBB sessions in their courses.

Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) can help make your transition to another web conferencing tool (Zoom or Microsoft Teams) as seamless as possible. Please see our Web Conferencing at Carleton support page for a comparison of the capabilities Zoom and MS Teams.

Big Blue Button Alternatives for Brightspace

Carleton University supports multiple web conferencing tools that are integrated into Brightspace, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Visit the Zoom at Carleton and Teams support sites for documentation and support resources.

Support Resources:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below is a List of some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the BigBlueButton Deprecation. For a complete list of FAQ’s please visit the BigBlueButton Deprecation FAQ page.

Additional Support

Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) is here to help! Consultations are available to assist with this transition. If you are interested in booking a consultation, or have any questions regarding this change, please open a support request via the TLS Support Portal. For additional information about Zoom and its features, please see our Zoom Support Site.

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