Microsoft Teams is Carleton’s administrative web and video conferencing tool, supported by ITS Service Desk. Microsoft Teams is available to all faculty, staff, and students under Carleton’s Microsoft License Agreement. For more information about Teams at Carleton, visit the associated ITS support page. On the support site, you can also request a Team site:  For additional questions about the use of setup of Teams, please contact:

Teams can also be used inside of D2L Brightspace. A class “Team” can be created for learners and instructors via the addition of the Teams widget on the Brightspace course homepage. To find out if Teams makes sense for your class, or to explore the use of Teams in Brightspace, please submit a request to the TLS Support Team:

NOTE: While the TLS Support Team does provide basic support to add Teams to Brightspace courses and can answer some basic questions, TLS does not provide training, document, support or troubleshooting for Teams in Brightspace. For a complete list of supported Educational Technology Tools at Carleton, please visit: Supported Ed Tech Tools.

While Teams can be used as a virtual classroom tool, this web conferencing tool is better suited for small group meetings and one-on-one interactions with students. Teams sites may also be appropriate for collaborative document sharing and editing. BigBlueButton and Zoom, however, are the recommended tools for teaching classes synchronously.

For a comparison table of Carleton’s web conferencing tools, including best practices and the differences between the tools (BigBlueButton, Microsoft Teams and Zoom), visit the Web Conferencing at Carleton page.

Using Teams (Outside of Brightspace)

Helpful links to Microsoft Support documentation for use of MS Teams are included below. See also the ITS support page,Office 365 – Microsoft Teams.

NOTE: The process for using Teams in Brightspace will be different than what is indicated in the Microsoft Support Documentation below. The Microsoft Support documentation is most useful for using Teams outside of Brightspace, although there is some overlap.

If you need course support, or would like to discuss the use of Teams in your Brightspace site, please submit a request to the TLS Support Team:

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